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Second half of the day check in

What I wanted to come back to from earlier—

“That feeling is signaling me to not get too wound up about anything, to just take things in and let them go again... maybe a little better and freer than they were when they came to me.. and that is enough💜”

I have loved the idea of letting moments and feelings and stressors pass through me, and to wish them well for wherever that energy goes once it leaves me. I love the idea of even bad energy that comes up in me being just a little less bad or a little lighter after it has a chance to pass through me. It reminded me today of how trees breathe in CO2 and breathe out Oxygen, filtering the air for us.

Yes, I felt like today I saw my involvement with my moods and experiences as me having the ability to be a filter, instead of taking these moments personally or seeing them as originating with me. Big difference to feel myself processing anxiety into a hopefully slightly calmer space, instead of taking on culpability and responsibility as the creator of stress, anxiety, or other pain I feel.

“🌸I hope to reflect back the beauty and loveliness I find in the smallest things today:”

If the lighter quality of my spirit is an indication, I have been reflecting goodwill outward at every little opportunity. I consider today to be a success in positivity... I am still waiting to see if I can continue to put priority on healing and care for me. I dont want to get too caught up in performance. Right actions should be by-products of my lifting heart, not requirements.

“🌀Outward like a lantern, Upward to Your winds, and Downward into the good mother Earth, In loving gratitude.”

I got anxious at one point while out on errands because I could not remember how I had phrased this exactly. Then I realized it’s more important for me to take it easy on myself inside than to do some grand working of synthesizing my intentions with the reality around me. I’m glad I got to reread this though. I may put today’s affirmation up on the wall someplace in the house so I can have it again tomorrow. It fits my mood exactly.