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A list of who/what I seem to be caring for at the moment and what they need.

Inner Household:

Our Household of Cats—

Ash: (had her for the last 17+ yrs) needs food and water, on a weird schedule bc she has dementia. She also has to have a separate litterbox on the main floor that needs to be cleaned a lot bc she has become easily confused. She *also* daily cries out when she gets confused and sometimes btwn Tony and I we can only get her to be calm if we actively hold her. As a last resort we give her pain meds if she’s been acting inconsolable for extended periods without snapping out of it. She also must be led actively to a bowl of cheap dry food or she will not eat.

Blindie Joe: (had him for about 8+ yrs) needs food and water left for him and an upstairs litterbox as well as a bed he can hide under. Camps upstairs with forays into the backyard when no one is watching. Has chronic eye issues, and is about 3 months away from needing another sedated vet appt to keep his eye, ear, and teeth situation cared for. He was utterly feral originally, and needs to have another cat around for complete confidence. He follows dementia Ash around even though she barely tolerates him. He misses Ken & Will who have both passed, and I hope he will befriend the kitten boys, he loves having other boy cats in the household. He also needs his coat groomed regularly by me as he has a hard time reaching properly and I’m the only one who he lets touch him regularly.

Lela: (had her maybe 6 yrs now) needs a food and water station but doesn’t come to be fed. Needs access regularly to outdoors. Lost her twin brother Will so has no close bonds in household now. Since MamaG’s pregnancy, will not come upstairs and hisses at her indoors so Lela sleeps alone on the cat structure in the living room. Hoping she will befriend the kittens when they get older so she has friends again. She needs to be approached on her turf for attention, she is lonely but sort of feral too. Afraid of ppl. She needs her ears cleaned bc she gets acne around the base of them but I have not had time to do it in two months now.

Mama/GG/Luna: (have had her coming up on 2 yrs) needs food both free feed and whenever she calls for fresh wet food. Her food is mixed with supplement for nursing cats. She has always been a picky eater. She sometimes will meow until I soak the dry kitten food in warm water for her to eat/drink. She has litterboxes everywhere, but she is very picky about that too. This morning she led me to a particular box all the way out in the hall, and then looked at me and wouldn’t use it until I scooped out the ONE lump of debris that was in the box first. She also calls to me to move straggler kittens when she wants them nursing but is already laying down with kittens on her teats. She also is very territorial of the backyard and waits for me to walk her out to go on the attack of any strays she finds inside the fence line. She recently is trilling and meowing night and day. The kittens mainly ignore her, but it keeps me up trying to figure out what she wants to get her to calm down and go to bed. Sometimes she wants the window open. Sometimes I can’t tell any reason why she is agitated, she just is. I make sure none of her teats look blocked up, and that she is eating enough to support all this nursing, and that she doesn’t go outside unsupervised and get hurt somehow.

The 4 Kittens: (have been here 4 weeks) need their area regularly cleaned for accidents as they potty train. Need litter trays with fresh dirt. Have a shallow water dish for them and will be needing slurried wet kitten food available this time next week. Need to be extricated from any weird places they hole up when exploring and mama gets distracted. Need to be kept in an ambient temp that does not dip below 70. Need to gain adequate weight each day from nursing enough and if not, the kitten needs to be set down with extra time to nurse with mama. Need to be very careful and walk slowly barefoot in any area they might have taken to exploring and hiding. Need their babycam recharged daily to keep track of them in the ‘nursery’ area. Need specialty foods ready for when they are eating and for mama to eat now. Need the light to be dim and they need a nest that has a top on it or they are not happy. We’re right at the stage where Joe and Ash are in the main bedroom in the daytime now, and Im waiting for mama to decide to bring her kittens out to meet these two cats.

The Outdoor Creatures Living in the Yard—

Long-haired Gray/Gomez: This cat is weighing the heaviest on my mind because he(she?) is clearly dependent on us to live. He came here starving and is frightened of every single other cat. He is very small and underweight. He has no place else to go, and he is super affectionate. He needs feeding 3 times a day, he gets ‘affection time’ in the early evenings on the back porch (bc we have to wash up afterward due to worry of him carrying a disease to our cats), and Tony is letting him come in through the window and sleep in his office at night, but shutting him out of the yard area in the daytime. He has an appt wiht a vet but it’s 3 weeks away. He needs to be scanned, tested for everything, fed, and either rehomed or somehow integrated inside if not bc this is not an outside cat imo. Also need to be careful to put freshwater in different places bc we’ve got fencing we’re erecting and so I don’t want to inadvertently cut anybody off from water who is squatting in the yard or passing through.

Squirrels: I do have a feeder and water for them, but unlike everybody else, they aren’t dependent on me to do that. It’s just that they are spoiled so they run up and mess with the windows if their feeder is empty. However, they live just fine off the filberts and raspberries out there. They also have a seat cushion they are systematically pulling stuffing from for their nests.

3 Crows: We have Mobry (“mouth breather”) his mate and now his one offspring. They are territorial and smart. They perch on the two frog statutes right at my eye level in the sun room and they crow at me until I come out to give them food. Also spoiled and also not dependent on me, they get fed birdfood, but they come to the door to beg for cat food. When raccoons or unfamiliar cats are in the yard, the crows will create a loud ruckus cawing back there. These are a concern with kittens as crows can carry a kitten off and kill it. They are fine with the adult cats. They shit on the chair tops though so those have to be cleaned and they throw birdseed everywhere looking for the pieces they want.

The Outdoor Creatures Passing Through Daily—

Raccoon/s: There are one or two raccoons that have been showing up the past month at night. In the morning, they’ve tipped over the birdbath and water dishes, eaten the leftover food and parts of the paper trays, and they do clumsy things like knocking over all sorts of different things in the yard. A few times one has come during the day but the crows pitch a fit and when I come out the raccoon will lumber away. If they are dependent on me, I am not making any special allowance for them save that they are welcome to what the strays/roaming neighborhood cats don’t finish off.

Blue jays/bushtits/hummingbirds/etc: These guys all get fed here and have a birdbath. I just have to keep the feeders stocked and the birdbath water fresh.

Big Kitty: Owned by someone else. Not fixed. The father of 3 of the kittens very definitely. He gets along with all our cats, and is the sweetest. Sometimes he sneaks in through the cat door to have leftovers in the kitchen. Comes by monthly probably when he thinks MamaG might be in heat. not my responsibility but he is darn adorable and persistent about begging for a meal so I give it to him on the porch so he won’t come in the house.

Crazy Gray: Owned by someone (originally at least) bc of the frayed collar on his neck. All our cats HATE him and he has several times tried to sneak upstairs to the kittens, passing food to do so, which seems suspect of a real threat to their lives. He doesn’t care what we do, he won’t stop coming here. Sometimes we feed him just so he will quit coming by hourly scrounging around. Hosing him chasing him, nothing deters him at all. He’s very long and jumps over babygates and fences in a single bound like a deer. Formidable enemy to our household of cats. If he continues, will need to get a live animal trap and catch him to see about contacting his owner.

The Plants—

Backyard: Filled with stuff that has to be watered, the things that I can’t miss a single day watering on back there are the hydrangeas, the clematis, the butterfly bush start, the potted plants, and Will’s grave plant.

Side Yard: Also filled with stuff to be watered including a damn garden, this house is too big for me. Things that can’t miss a day there are the weeping pine start I love so much, the artichoke, the pumpkin, and the four front bushes that were planted this Spring.

Front Yard: There is an effing rockery in the front along with the major plantings we put in on the top part of the front yard. Things that can’t miss a day of watering here are the ferns on the mossy walls, the trees we planted, and all the plants in the crescent we made out there. The grape. Technically all the grass should be watered in the property but I’ve given up and it’s slowly dying from lack of attention.

The Indoor Plants: I’ve got the starts from the umbrella plant, the vines, the herbs, and the spider plant. If only I kept them all in the same room. These need plant food every month or two as well as water.

Then there’s Tony and I. We need stuff too. Like I’m supposed to go to the store and get veggies to cook as well as something for our dinner so we can quit ordering crap delivered. No wonder i am feeling utterly behind every single day nowadays. This is just a list of the living things. The house itself needs care and cleaning daily too, God help me.

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