hazelwindows (hazelwindows) wrote,

kittens update

Had a heart attack coming to check on kittens.

I had not been into see them since this morning bc Tony and I were working on projects the last several hours downstairs. I finally go to take a peek at them, and Luna is almost tripping me to race up the stairs just ahead of me. Then she darts in front of me a second time at the closet. She is calling the kittens and I am looking at the birth nest, and they are gone.

As I start searching around, I realize I ran up over a bunch of blankeys and I become appalled at the fear that they were hiding and I stepped on them.

I was tearing the closet apart carefully, and then I turn around and see four kittens wedged into a crevice between a box and a wall!! I put food out for Luna in the other room and then I proceeded to move all four of the kittens over to the cardboard larger bedding area I’d originally made for them. There is no way they could’ve stayed wedged into the wall area... they were piled on top of each other and Luna couldnt have even reached them! She must have dropped them off the top of the box, and they were all stuffed in the very back corner.

I was incredibly relieved to see that all kittens were apparently unharmed by this move. Luna came running back in just as I relocated the last kitten, and she seemed to take the rejection of her new spot in stride. She lay down on the bedding and began nursing the kittens right where I’d put them down.

I hope she is satisfied with the way the cardboard “sandbox” sized area contains the kittens and has a dirt area in the far corner. I know it’s not much for being a hiding place, but it’s certainly more livable!!

I keep telling myself i need to LEAVE HER ALONE now in the hopes that she will get comfortable with the slightly more private position of her new nest. I can never tell whether to pet and approve of her or whether to leave her be and quit interfering. She looked a bit like she wanted my approval when i was coming up the stairs, but now I dont know.

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